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The Faculty at a Glance

In the perspective of reinforcing the relationship and communication ties between the university and it social environment, I would like to welcome everyone to our site

I  would like to invite every member of the university’s community to use this technological tool in responsible way, stay alert, and be aware of the challenges that lay ahead .

Our  newly founded faculty is established by the executive decree No. 19-204 of 15 18 July 2019, which  amended and supplemented the executive decree  No 98  – 189  of the 2nd  June 1998 which founded the University of Boumerdes. The latter is established as a group of university faculties and institutes . To date, the Faculty of Letters and Languages has three departments namely : Arabic Language  Department, French Language department and English Language department, which were established by Decision No. 265 of 16 March 2020 to ensure training in the bachelor, master , and  doctorate levels.
The Faculty of Letters and Languages looks forward to developing and ensuring educational and research quality, preparing, academic and competent graduates

for the labour market capable of serving the community and meeting its needs, thereby enhancing the close connection with society.

In order for our Faculty to perform its mandated tasks and ensure the quality of education, which is the key to passing through the age of knowledge, we are engaged in the process of updating the teaching and research practices.  As the university is the cornerstone of culture and civilization, and  the fundamental source of society’s development, this objective is achieved  through the following principles

First, keep pace with rapid technological changes through optimal investment of technology and modern means in education such as e-learning , distance education, ongoing  education and open education.
Second, the development of human resources , based on qualified and competent  graduates  capable of keeping abreast of developments and raising challenges in various fields..

It is in this spirit that the goal of the University is to provide qualitative education conducive to excellence  and to transform society from a consumer into a producer of knowledge  that combines authentic national perspectives and values and openness to modern developments

I congratulate the Faculty on its achievements since its inception, I call upon it to further prepare competent elite that can raise to the challenges of innovation and development of human resources which are the strategic leverage that provides the country with proven competitive capacities.